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Audio Visual Recordings

Audio-visual recording facilitiesSunday morning services and some special services are recorded and a CD and DVD are produced. Copies are available to those who request them.

Youth Group

Youth Group, secondary school students, meets Sundays 3:00pm to 4:30pm. See: Ann Street Youth Group »

Helen Margaret Young Fund

Fund Establishment
The fund was established at a meeting of the Kirk Session held on Tuesday 29th October 1974.

Fund Aim 
The fund’s aim is to commemorate the memory of Helen Margaret Young, a member of the Congregation, Sunday School Teacher and active PFA member, much loved by the Ann Street Church family.

Helen died on the 28th of August 1974 in a single vehicle motor accident, some months after graduating from the Queensland Police Academy.

Projects / Missionaries Supported

4.1  Policy:

At the fund's inaugural meeting on the 4th of November 1974, the following policy was adopted:

  1. (a) Gifts from the fund be kept to a small enough number to ensure a significant contribution is made in each case.
  2. (b) Gifts be to persons and or societies with which the congregation can identify.
  3. (c) Gifts will also go to missions Helen herself supported.
  4. (d) A degree of flexibility will be exercised where giving Outside the limits of (a), (b) and (c) above may be considered desirable.

Sources of Income

6.1 The fund was established with the amount of $1002.60 resulting from gifts at Helen’s funeral service and mailed in by individuals.

6.2 The principal source of further income was established as receipts through a retiring offering at quarterly communion services.

6.3 Other income is received from special projects such as the annual congregational dinner, commission on book sales, sales of souvenirs, and designated special gifts (especially regular ones from Young family members).

6.4 Subsequently, a quarterly contribution from the Committee of Management was adopted in the congregation’s annual budget, in lieu of the retiring offerings. This facilitated better budgeting for the recipients.

6.5 A share in the congregation’s interest on loans to the PCQ Capital Fund has been received annually when available.

More Information
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