Ann Street Organ

Ann Street Presbyterian Church building interior featuring the pipe organ Ann Street Presbyterian Church  pipe organ

Building interior featuring the pipe organ

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The Ann Street organ was built in 1902-3 by Charles Richardson of Sydney.

The organ consists of two manuals and pedals, and is fitted throughout with pneumatic action. There are 58 notes on both Swell and Great and a 30 note pedal board. The metal pipes were made in London, while the console is made of English oak, and the case of kauri pine and cedar used to conform to the church architecture.

The console was originally in front of the pulpit, but was moved to its present position in 1921. Additions were made around 1929-30, and it was overhauled in 1955 by Whitehouse Bros at a cost of 873 pounds.

In 1981 the instrument was partially dismantled by Whitehouse Bros in preparation for rebuilding and electrification. Sadly they ceased operations in 1982 and the organ remained in a partially dismantled state for the next 20 years

In 2004 Simon Pierce undertook to restore the organ, and after retrieving parts from Indooroopilly, recovering the keys in ivory resin and extensive replication of the original, restored the organ to its former glory.

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