Ann Street Presbyterian Church building prior to new development

Ann Street Presbyterian Church prior to new development

Ann Street Presbyterian Church building with new development

Street view of the tower building

Ann Street Presbyterian Church Trust

The land on which the Ann Street Presbyterian Church and the tower building now stand was acquired by purchase. The land was the subject of three separate Crown Grants in the form of deeds poll dated 13 February 1855 under the hand of the Governor of New South Wales Sir William Denison.

The original grantees were David Cannon McConnel, Thomas Mowbray, Alexander McIntyre and Thomas Gray, all of Brisbane, as “Trustees of the Presbyterian Church at Brisbane”. As Trustees died or moved elsewhere Nominations of Trustees were registered transferring the Ann Street land to new trustees.

The Ann Street land therefore remains vested in the Trustees of the Ann Street Presbyterian Church Trust “upon trust for the Ann Street Presbyterian Church at Brisbane”. The Ann Street Presbyterian Church is unique in Queensland in that the land and property is vested in Trustees and not in the corporation of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland.

The current Trustees are:

  • Mr Albert Mostert (Chairman)
  • Ms Susan Anderson
  • Dr Elizabeth Bennett
  • Mr Ronald Pilkington
  • Mr Nicholas Spencer

Heritage Listing

The land and property is listed under the Queensland Heritage Buildings Protection Act 1990. The protected area is defined by a boundary which includes the front wall and all grounds upon which the church building stands but excluding a transept at the rear of the church building as well as the land adjacent to the church on its eastern and southern sides. The land which was redeveloped is outside the heritage listed area. There are many restrictions on what can be done to the building and grounds and penalties for infringements fall upon the Trustees, not the congregation or its officers. The Trustees are endeavouring to keep the worship facilities in good repair whilst providing comfortable air conditioned worship opportunities in sub-tropical Brisbane.

Ministry at Ann Street Presbyterian Church

The Trust’s main purpose is to provide facilities for the ministry of Ann Street Presbyterian Church and not to run ministry programs for the congregation. However, collectively the Trustee’s believe in supporting the work of the Kingdom of God and remain aware of opportunities for other ministry which are of interest to the congregation but outside the congregation’s financial capabilities. In this context, it should be noted that the Trustees also have a significant responsibility for ministry to disadvantaged youth and their families through the Peirson Memorial Trust and Peirson Services.

The Trustees encourage the congregation through its structures to develop and support its own ministry as led by the Holy Spirit peculiar to the location and nature of the church and congregation.


The Trustees control the use of the buildings in cooperation with the Minister, Kirk Session and Committee of Management. The rooms available for use by the congregation and other people include several meeting rooms, conference rooms, convention hall with external terrace and foyers on the ground and first floors. A quality semi-commercial kitchen is attached to the convention hall which seats 120 people at tables so is ideal for medium size weddings and functions requiring dining facilities.

If you want to learn more about this exciting work contact the Ann Street Presbyterian Church Trust via phone: (07) 3225 0301 or email or use the Contact Us › page selecting "Trust" in the subject list.

Incident Reporting and Procedures

To report an incident, injury or hazard on Trust property, please complete the appropriate form below and give it to the Trust Manager via

Please also see Community Policies, Forms & Procedures › (Including CHASE).

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