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Have a voice in the Senate attempt to Redefine Marriage – Again!!!

There are now less than two weeks left before submissions close to the Senate inquiry into recognising overseas same-sex marriages.

That means we don’t have long left to make sure we make the strongest possible stand for marriage.

So far with the help of people like you we’ve had a great response.

But we need to use the remaining week and a half to increase the number of submissions to the Senate inquiry.

Here are five simple steps you can take to help us double the number of submissions:

  1. Sign the submission »
  2. Forward this text of this article to your friends
  3. Like the campaign on Facebook
  4. Invite other members of your household to sign - your spouse, parents, housemates…
  5. Pray

If we allow politicians to redefine marriage, it will redefine family life in Australia.

It is important we are not silent. Changing the definition of marriage is not inevitable.

We need to preserve marriage as a natural, timeless and sustainable foundation for future generations.

Please continue to pray for our nation.

God bless

Lyle Shelton

Managing Director
Australian Christian Lobby
On behalf of Australian Marriage Forum

Resource: Printed: 2017-12-18
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