Bible Story Telling at Ann Street

Bible Story Telling at Ann Street Bible Story Telling at Ann Street

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For more information contact the convenor, Beverley Joy Hermann
Ph: 0407 661 278

Stories are the main way a society passes along it's values.
(from Wycliffe Bible Translators)

Change the stories and you change societies values.

What is Bible Story Telling (B.S.T) in the City?

  • Sharing and teaching Simple Accurate Memorable (S.A.M.) Bible Stories throughout Brisbane
  • Community Bible discussion groups
  • Training workshops

Why Tell Bible Stories?

Acts 1:8 Jesus said: “When God gives you the Holy Spirit, He will also give you power, and you will tell everyone about me. You will be my witnesses here …and to the very ends of the earth.”

Mark 4:33-34 “…Jesus always used stories to teach the people.”

The Benefits of S.A.M Bible Story Telling Are:

  • S.A.M. brings the Bible to life for the speaker and the listener;
  • You can share God’s word without a Bible in your hand;
  • A non-threatening method of gospel outreach to family, friends, work colleagues… anyone;
  • A quick, easily effective way to share God’s word in everyday conversation;
  • The stories relate to current life situations;
  • The stories are easy for everyone to understand and remember;
  • Builds self-confidence;
  • Enhances active listening skills.

Who Can Benefit From B.S.T?

Community - a Bible Discussion Group:

  • A comfortable casual opportunity to invite people to hear God’s word.
  • Everyone is involved in the discussion time.
  • Everyone learns a Bible story.

Training Workshops:

  • Church leaders
  • Religious Instruction Teachers
  • Chaplains
  • Bible Study leaders
  • Youth leaders
  • Sunday School Teachers
  • Christians who want to share God’s word with others

Bible Story Telling Workshops Available:

What’s On:

The Mark Drama: We are looking for 15 people to perform this drama in 2017. If you are interested in being involved or have any queries see or contact us:



For more information Contact:
Convenor: Beverley Joy Hermann
Ph: 0407 661 278 or

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