2017 Christmas services details


We love Christmas at Ann Street, and our anticipation will be building for it, all the way through to December 25!

Our morning series (9AM, 10:30AM), “Free for All”, a study on the book of Galatians, which is all too relevant for the season, will continue through to Christmas.

And at 5PM, we’ll journey through chapter 1 of Luke’s Gospel up to Christmas, and how God breaks His 400 year silence to prepare His people for the fulfilment of His promises, and the coming of the Messiah, in our series, the “The King of Kings”.

When Christmas does arrive, we’ll have two very special events for the whole family to enjoy which we hope you’ll join us for:

Christmas Eve: ‘A Thrill of Hope’ 5PM Carol Service
Our Carol Service will be a wonderful evening enjoying and singing some of our favourite carols and hearing a message about the Hope that Jesus’ birth offers to a world that is often so hungry for it.

Christmas Day (9am): ‘At Just the Right Time’
Christmas is truly a time for great celebration as it marks the event of God becoming man, entering into our world as one of us, to save us from our own darkness and brokenness. The Bible names Jesus, ‘Immanuel’, or ‘God with us’. And the apostle Paul tells us that Jesus came at ‘just the right time’ (Romans 5v6) to give us an opportunity to have a renewed hope and life in Him. Join us as we gather together on Christmas Day to worship and celebrate Jesus’ birth.

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